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An annual physical examination is an excellent way to start your year. At Seneca Primary Care Inc, you can check potential symptoms, catch any potential problems and most importantly, you can confirm that you have been taking good care of your health.

The annual physical examination is a time-honored tradition. Doctors have been recommending them for over a century. Dr. Savita Joneja will give you a complete examination and look for the those possibly hidden conditions that can sneak up on you.

As an internal medicine specialist, she is an expert diagnostician and is able to find any concerns that can be addressed before they become serious conditions.

Vaccination to Keep You Healthy

Dr. Savita Joneja can help you stave off or limit the impact of certain diseases through annual and standard vaccinations. Whether you are traveling abroad, starting school, preparing for a hazardous work environment or simply trying to stay healthy through peak viral transmission seasons, we can help.
We provide you with booster shots to update your immunity and safety, flu shots, pneumonia vaccine, hepatitis and other vaccines.
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